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Indeed, this is the embracing part, when you are supposed to blow your own trumpet...:) So the following are just genuine recent reviews as posted on Google independently by the patients themselves (To see more reviews, please go to North London Acupuncture):

Shelley from London Acupuncture is my first go-to for everything related to my health. She is always happy to give advice, and the treatment she has provided were always useful. Shelley's holistic approach is so much more effective than the GP's standard "take this peel and rest for a few days". I will continue visiting the clinic for years to come and highly recommend it.

Tal B.


Shelley transformed my fertility journey. I was just about to start ivf after being told I wouldn’t be able to conceive naturally. A couple of months of acupuncture and then combining this with Chinese medicine as directed by Shelley and I fell pregnant naturally! I continued throughout the pregnancy and had a really smooth labour, I have no doubt the acupuncture contributed to letting me have my miracle baby.

I am now on baby number two and have acupuncture sessions weekly. I can’t recommend Shelley highly enough.

Joanne G.


Shelley is extremely knowledgable and experienced in alternative medicine. As well as being super professional, she is empathic, caring and fully dedicated to your treatment. We have seen the glory of Acupuncture come to life with continuous results from Shelley’s treatments over the years ( migraines, IBS, stress, back pain, general well being) and recommend Shelley whole heartedly to all our family and friends. I find Her previous background in traditional western medicine a great asset as she always looks at any issue from different angles to give you the best treatment. Thank you Shelley!

Emily B.


I have suffered with monthly severe stomach cramps from the age of 12, I have tried every possible avenue to relieve the pain and symptoms which was interfering with my work and personal life. Acupuncture was a last resort for me and I did not expect results. Shelley has completely transformed my life, she is a lovely lady, very professional and has cured my stomach pains and symptoms. I have no other way to describe her than a miracle worker!



My wife says: "if you're looking for someone to take you out of pain and drastically reduce the amount of medication you take, then consult Shelley. She deals with my spinal problems, earache ,arthritis and weak ankles and puts me back together when I've had another fall." 

David O.

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